The Business Support Desk

Whichever direction you see your business going in, we can help you with the journey:

  • Organise and maintain a CRM system
  • Research new products and current statistics and keep you up to date with the latest industry trends
  • Research and provide blog content to increase brand recognition using Social Media tools
  • Investigate a specific topic
  • Track down people you can connect to
  • Enhance existing client relationships with our inside sales experience​

"I have only known Jo for a short time, but in those few months she has really impressed me with her knowledge, skills, efficiency and ideas. I have asked Jo to help me on a few different projects and have not been in any way disappointed with her input. She makes great efforts to research and find out about the subject she is dealing with. She achieves a massive amount within an hour which makes her hourly rate really good value. If you are struggling to find time to do everything you won't go far wrong handing work over to Jo. She is happy to do all sorts of admin work, and you can trust her to complete any task quickly and accurately."

Karen Greenall
Will/Lasting Power of Attorney consultant

The admin trail can be painful and seemingly endless. It's the area that many businesses struggle with staying on top of. We can take the pain out of the day to day tasks to free up your valuable time. Our price packages are perfect for staying on top of the day to day essentials.

  • Prioritise your emails
  • Coordinate your meetings
  • Assist with customer support and care
  • Set up to-do lists for you
  • Create PowerPoint presentations​
  • Reduce the time spent on data entry
  • Implement a project planning system to help you and the team stay on top of the workload
  • Find and book restaurants, theatre tickets and hotels
  • Research flights, foreign exchange rates and visa requirements. We will take the strain of researching, booking and coordinating your travel plans
  • We can help you organise and manage an internal or external event, including sourcing the venue, catering, marketing and overseeing of the event. We will arrange for the invitations to be designed, produced and sent out and keep a track of who will and who won't be there. Call us to discuss your requirements and we will provide a quote.