We are here to help you in the busier times when you need professional support with sales, planning, communication, customer focus and market research. If you're unsure of where to start, why not consider the following options to help your business develop and thrive.


We can research, produce the content and send out an entertaining and newsworthy insight from you to your clients letting them know what you've been up to, and more importantly where your business is heading. A newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your existing clients.

The database that sits gathering dust on your server could contain potential new clients for you. We can agree on a relevant script, make the important calls, introduce your business, track the responses and follow up where required.


Even with an understanding of how Social Media works, it can be a time-consuming process whereby you don't have enough hours in the week to keep up a targeted  campaign. Don't despair, we can take this stress away and run your social media campaign for as little as £100.00 pcm.

Don't let Social Media get the better of you. It may not be rocket science but with various platforms to master, sometimes a 1-2-1 refresher course can be enough to get you back on the 'bike', and take back control of your online business presence for £100.00.

Outstanding debts can be the death knoll to any business. At month end when you need help getting the bills paid, we can call the debtors, track the payments and chase up outstanding invoices.


We can tidy up your database, update it with important contact details accumulated over months and create the perfect platform for a marketing mailout.

Who might benefit from Business Support?

The Small Business

Small but rapidly growing company, can't afford to take on more permanent members of staff. Needs help to update the existing CRM system with essential client data,  research on potential leads and follow-up calls with a view to building the client base. Would also benefit from month end credit control to increase cashflow, social media promotion and help to arrange client networking events.
The Non-Executive

Professional individual juggling many roles with no actual in-house office support as effectively self-employed. Possibly on the board of a number of companies and likely to need help with relevant industry research, telephone and email support, help with travel coordination, hotel bookings and visa requirements. Not to mention reminders for all important family birthdays and celebration events.
The Busy Worker

Hard working individual, works long hours in the office with very little spare time to keep up to date with the organisation of home life. Able to hand over the essentials such as insurance renewals, price comparison research for the household bills, tutor research for the childrens studying, organising the kids parties and sorting out the pet issues.

JW Virtual Assistance, help for the small business
JW Virtual Assistance - help for the busy worker
JW Virtual Assistance - help for the non-executive.